Is fear of technology holding you back from launching your signature course?

Do you have an awesome course you want to share with the world, but the "techie bit" is holding you back from launching and making actual money?

You've planned out the modules.

You've recorded the videos.

You've created the awesome PDFs.

You're ready to share your genius with the world, but how?

You need a place for people to access your course.

You want your member site to be secure so no one makes off with your content.

And, you are seriously ready to get paid.

How the heck can you do all that?

Launch That Course Helps You Bridge the Gap

Creating a course takes a lot of time and energy. It's not a simple process. Now that you've got all your course pieces in place—there's an entirely new river to cross.

How to deliver your content into the hands of the people who need it most.

A full membership website can seem like an insurmountable task--especially if you don't consider yourself "techie".

You don't have to shell out thousands of dollars.

With someone like me, guiding you each step of the way, you can build your own membership website, and put your own unique flair on it.

I'm here to tell you—you don't need to spend thousands of dollars, or even a thousand dollars.

You can do it yourself. I'll show you how.

Plain Talk. No Jargon.

When you have a techno-friend like me to show you step-by-step how to build your membership website and provide you with done-for-you, sleek page templates and graphics, you can start to help the people who need your expertise—fast.

I will show you exactly how to build a functional, marketable membership website.

Launch That Course is for you if:

  • You have created the content for your course and you're ready to upload it.
  • You are ready to jump into a bit of tinkering with words and color. No fear, this is FUN!
  • You are not scared of doing it yourself, and are open to learning a few new tools.
  • You're ready to make money from your awesome course and help people!

Your Step-by-Step Guide

I've seen entrepreneurs hit it out of the park with their launches, and I've seen launches that not even crickets showed up to the sales page.

What's the main difference? It all comes down to planning.

Having step-by-step, defined way you're going to interact with your ideal clients, from the web pages they will see, to the emails they will read from you, to the language you use in your messaging—all of this is key to creating a holistic brand image. You are crafting the experience your customer will have with your course.

Those launches that flop? It's usually an over-eager entrepreneur who's spent hours and hours on their course material and they are just wanting to push it out the door. At this point, they are sick of looking at the material and thinking about their course.

The missing piece is the plan.

I've helped entrepreneurs, just like you, build successful membership sites and go to market with a successful action plan turned into reality. They are making money with their online courses, consistently, each month.

Cut Your Build Time in Half

You need a plan and your course content. You need a bit of software and you need less than a week to hook all the bits and pieces together. Yes, your course could be live next week.  That sounds crazy, right?

I'm a web designer, and I say you'll be able to complete this and have paying customers faster than I could do it for a client.

How is that possible? I've spent hours designing beautiful sales pages (yes, like this one), gorgeous membership pages, and done-for-you high end graphics. You're starting with pre-made templates that I will show you how to fully customize. I'll even show you how to create a simple logo for your course, with a FREE online graphic tool.

The powerhouse behind this entire plan is a proven product, OptimizePress 2.0.

OptimizePress is a full membership theme that protects your member content, allows you to build gorgeous sales pages (and import/export content templates), and build out powerful marketing funnels, all on my favorite web platform, WordPress. You'll need to purchase your own license of OptimizePress 2.0 for this course. You'll also need to purchase your own domain for your course. I highly advise purchasing a domain name for your product/course and keeping it separate from your main website.

There are 3 phases you need in place to make your amazing course successful.

Phase 1: Planning

You need a pre-sales plan, that helps you deliver your free, actionable content so people get to know you, like you and trust you.

You'll also need a plan for how to convert leads to sales, how to deliver your content on your membership site, and a plan for after-sales care.

Phase 2: Sales

You need a beautiful sales page to be your best salesperson--working 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. It has to speak to your ideal person, give clear information about the course, and of course, CONVERT to sales!

Most importantly, your sales page has to be able to take and process payment. I'll show you how to link up to PayPal for your transactions.

Heck, yes! You SHOULD be paid!

Phase 3: Membership Delivery of your Course 

You need a way for people to access all of your amazing content and learn from your online course in a secure environment.

Using Vimeo Pro, I'll show you how to protect your video content and upload it to your pages.

All of your membership page templates are pre-built for you, and I'll show you how to customize the colors to suit your needs. Easy-peasy.

Launch That Course + You = Dreams Made Real

Here's what you'll get as an exclusive member of Launch That Course:

Planning & Gathering Tools

In this module, we'll create a roadmap for our membership site, mapping out each page we need to build. We'll also discuss the tools we'll need to create our awesome course website.

Getting Started

Module 1 will cover buying your domain from GoDaddy, how to point your domain to your hosts' nameservers, and how to create a fun logo, header and favicon with PicMonkey a free online image editor.

Installing WordPress & OptimizePress

Module 2 will show how to quickly install WordPress on your domain. We'll install OptimizePress as a theme and get setup in the backend of WordPress.

OptimizePress Pages, OptimizeMember & Vimeo Settings

In Module 3 we'll dive into how to use the Page Builder and all of the Elements that you can use in OptimizePress. Don't worry, there's a handy PDF of each element that you can keep next to  you as you customize your pages. This module also covers installation and setup of OptimizeMember. Vimeo Pro settings are also outlined so you can safeguard your course videos!

Building Your Membership Pages

In this module, we'll get into building and customizing your membership pages. From lessons, modules, to your welcome pages, we'll build each one.

Membership Pages Hierarchy & Workflows

In this module, we'll link your membership pages together in a hierarchy, and add in our menus. We'll cover workflow best practices and troubleshoot common issues. You'll also learn my secret for creating pages in record time!

Hooking up PayPal & Building Your Sales Page

Module 5 sets you up for sales success. We setup PayPal with a one-time course purchase. We'll also discuss your sales page and how to utilize psychology to get member buy-in—without sleazy tactics.

Custom Domain Email with Gmail

I'll show you how to add your host server created email (such as to a Gmail account.

Sales Funnel for Your Course

We'll discuss strategy and create a sales funnel for selling your course using OptimizePress's built-in options. This is a chunky bonus and full of great options for you, plus HOW TO DO IT.

Parallax Image Reveal

I'll share with you how I easily created the "reveal" image underneath a row and show you where to add that bit of CSS coding. Cool tricks!


Lifetime Access + Private Facebook Group for Q & A

In addition to Lifetime Access for the life of the program, you'll also be invited to the exclusive Launch That Course Crew Facebook group.

You'll be able to ask questions, promote your course (on Thursdays) and connect with fellow entrepreneurs. Some may even be your ideal clients.

High-end Graphics & Templates in 8 Gorgeous Colors

8 Gorgeous Colors to Choose from for your:

  • Welcome Page Templates
  • Module Page Templates
  • Lesson Page Templates
  • Long-form Sales Page Templates

You'll also get over 1440 coordinating graphics including:

  • Call to Action Buttons including a blank one so you can make your own
  • Guarantee Badges for 30 Days, 60 Days and 90 Days, in 4 styles
  • Social Media icons in all 8 colors with 4 or more styles
  • Arrows in 8 colors, 50 styles
  • Bullets in 8 colors, 22 styles
  • Checkmarks in 8 colors, 23 styles
  • Geometric Polygon backgrounds in 8 different colors

The graphics (1440) and templates package (48) alone is worth over $2500.

It's designed with colors that mix and match so it's easy for you to create your own unique look.

I'll also show you how to customize the template color to your brand if you don't see a template background color you desire.


You Don't Want to Do the Domain, Hosting, and WordPress Setup?

The Big Tech Piece?

Grab my Fast Track Option. I only have a limited number of these, and they fill up fast. We will coordinate on your domain purchase and your hosting. You'll share your logins with me and I will:

  • Help you get your domain pointed to your hosting account
  • Setup your hosting account
  • Install WordPress
  • Install OptimizePress 2.0 with your license key
  • Create a branded webmail email account for your domain (

I'm giving you a head start. After that, you can review the rest of the course and be on track to getting it online!

Our Rock-Solid 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have 30-days to request a refund, provided you can show you attempted to create your membership website using the Launch That Course program.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have a course yet, just an idea. Is Launch That Course right for me? +

I recommend fully developing your course curriculum and content first before launching into a membership website build.

This course does not delve into course content creation. If you are looking for recommendations, I have several colleagues who have excellent courses on this very topic.

Will you show how to create an evergreen course? +

Yes! This course covers having your members pay a one-time fee for lifetime access to the course.

Do you cover how to setup a month-by-month membership plan? +

You can accept month-by-month memberships through PayPal Pro and Pay Flow, and Stripe.

In this course I currently only cover how to setup PayPal with OptimizePress, which does not accept reoccurring payments.

There are instructions on how to setup with PayPal Pro and Pay Flow in the OptimizePress knowledge base.

I want to drip my content to my members, can I do that? +

Yes, you absolutely can drip content to your members with OptimizeMember. It's a setting that I show you in your Membership Settings area. I would recommend creating an additional page that tells your members that the module isn't ready yet, and OptimizeMember will show that page if they try to get into the module before the release day.

What email marketing systems integrate with OptimizePress? +

OptimizePress integrates with:

  • Aweber
  • MailChimp
  • iContact
  • Infusionsoft
  • GetResponse
  • 1Shopping Cart
  • CampaignMonitor
  • and any others that you can export an HTML form
What payment gateways integrate with OptimizePress? +

OptimizePress integrates with:

  • PayPal
  • PayPal Pro
  • Pay Flow
  • Stripe
  • ClickBank
What tools do you use in the course? +

In Launch That Course we cover the following tools:

  • OptimizePress 2.0 & OptimizeMember
  • PayPal - standard Merchant account
  • Vimeo Pro (for video hosting)
  • GoDaddy (for your course domain purchase)
  • Hosting service such as HostGator, Site5 or BlueHost
I have a Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, or other type site. Can I use this program to add on to those? +

In Launch That Course we cover how to build your membership website with open-source software. You will need a host, a domain (how to purchase one is covered), software (setup is covered), and a licensed copy of OptimizePress Core (details on purchase is covered).

A $4500 Value, for a fraction of the cost.

For my private clients, I charge $5000 minimum to build a project like this--and that's just the starting price. Add in the full customizations, and some membership sites can cost up to $12,000.

  • 40+ Short Videos

    Over 40+ videos to show you how to build your site from start to finish. Plus cheatsheets to help you keep on track when you’re doing it yourself.

    Value: $1200

  • Done for You Templates & Graphics

    This course comes with Lesson Page, Module Page, and Welcome Page templates in 8 different color styles.  No starting from a blank page. PLUS, I’ve created over 1200+ images for you to use in the 8 coordinating graphic colors. Bullets, Icons, Call to Action Buttons, Social Media Graphics and Page, Module and Lesson Thumbnail Graphics.

    Value: $2500

  • Hook up With PayPal

    Best of all, I show you how to hook up OptimizePress with your PayPal Standard Account so you can start bringing clients, right away.

    Value: $800

Don't keep your course on the back burner any longer!

Grab Launch That Course right now and you can have your course live next week.

Launch That Course
  • Lifetime Access
  • Done for You Page Templates
  • Done for You Graphics
  • Private Facebook Group Q & A
Launch That Course: Fast Track
  • Lifetime Access
  • Done for You Page Templates
  • Done for You Graphics
  • Private Facebook Group Q & A
  • Domain & Hosting Setup
  • WordPress Installed
  • OptimizePress Installed

Have a specific question about this course and if it's right for you? Click here to send me a message!